Belle 1340 16” Plate Compactor

1,250.00 +VAT 1,537.50

Heavyweight Combination Plate Compactors

Heavyweight professional compaction plates with low HAV and very high performance compaction. Designed with a shorter baseplate to offer improved compaction, manoeuvrability and finish.

  • This particular compactor is designed with a shorter baseplate to provide improved compaction, manoeuvrability and finish.
  • Designed with a foldable mounted guide handle which offers superior manoeuvrability and can be lowered to operate under obstacles and close to form work.
  • Longer belt life and simplified belt adjustment due to the reinforced centrifugal clutch.
  • Features lifting points and a front lift cage which allow for easier loading and unloading for operator convenience.
  • Large Capacity water tank is built into the protective frame.
  • Designed with angled hols on the spray bar which allow for complete water coverage over the full width which will prevent any asphalt pick-up on the plate bottom.
  • Spraybar is fully protected from damage and easily protected with integral paving pad clamp points.
  • Features life lubricated vibration bearings.